Thursday, May 29, 2014


This morning my husband and son went to play golf near Tacoma. My daughter and I carefully researched a number of historical and cultural activities. Then we got pedicures and took a taxi to a bookstore.

The bookstore was Elliot Bay Book Company, and it's the biggest independent bookstore I've seen for a long, long time. I was extremely judicious in my selection because I don't want my luggage to weigh too much on the trip home.

Yesterday we went to the Space Needle, because tourists. Then we went next door to the Chihuly Garden and Galley, which was astonishing, really amazing. This afternoon, post bookstore, my daughter and I took a glassblowing class, and it made us appreciate Chihuly all the more. Glassblowing is not easy. Also, it's really warm. We didn't burn ourselves or anyone else but our creations will have to be shipped to us. It'll take two days for them to properly cool (slowly, In an annealing kiln) and tomorrow we're off to Vancouver.