Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taking Business With Me

I don't usually work on vacation, except for the usual, which is that it's a writer's job to always pay attention. Once in awhile we schedule trips to coincide with research I need to do, but that's about it.

Here in Seattle my work has inexplicably followed me. When we landed early yesterday afternoon, I turned my phone on while still on board the plane, and got two messages. (Well, actually, I got about 20, but most were from or the Gap.)

The first was an email reminding me that I had a book review due Sunday. The good news is that I have the book with me. The bad news is that I would have missed my deadline entirely without the email, because I never checked the due date written inside the book. It's a replacement-last week I returned a book I'd been sent due to a conflict of interest, and, well, I'd just assumed this one would be due later. No biggie. I'll get it done.

The second message was a voicemail from the President of Dial Books, my primary publisher. I've known Lauri for years-she edited my first published book, Ruthie's Gift-but she's moved up in the world and I mostly deal now with very good editors who work for her. So that was intriguing. I've got a novel ready to launch next March, and another I'm working on.

What Lauri had to tell me-ask me-I can't announce yet. God will be in the details, and the details will be written down into contracts, and until the contracts are signed this thing officially does not exist. But it's both intriguing and a great opportunity, so I'm thrilled. It also potentially involves some pretty sketchy travel so the rest of my family is worried.

I'm not. That's all in the details, and the details are adjustable. But now I'm going to put this out of my mind for the rest of my vacation, and I advise you all to do the same.

P.S. if you want to know how sexy my husband can be: yesterday afternoon we wre walking through Pike Street Market, and he said, "Wait a minute, I think we just accidentally bypassed a yarn store," and went back. Damn. That's hot.