Sunday, June 1, 2014

On A Boat

I'm on a boat.
A British Columbia Ferry, to be precise. It's rather nice. I had serious trepidations regarding this boat, as I've been known to get seasick on the most tranquil of ocean waters, and I had a plan that I'd just sleep the ferry ride right through, in the car. I was successfully asleep when we pulled in. Then, however, my husband insisted I wake up and get out of the car.
"Don't you want to look around?" He asked. "Look at the scenery?"
I did not. Because the scenery would be moving, and something in my brain takes offense at that. But, grumbling, I got out of the car. I took a few steps onto the outside deck, ascertained that we were indeed surrounded by water, and retreated to a lounge which features flickering wifi, a flickering television, and several dozen people speaking different languages.
After a bit my husband suggested we go get some coffee. This was a ruse to get me moving, and I knew It. He doesn't drink coffee. But the coffee at our hotel this morning had been so spectacularly awful that I walked along the hallway with him, only to notice that we were moving, and that, so far, I hadn't puked at all.
My husband told me that I wasn't going to get sick on a ferry, but I remember him saying that before we went whale watching, too.
Anyway they appear to have quite good food on this boat, which makes me rather regret the hotel breakfast, which barely qualified as food. Our Seattle hotel had been a well-situated little boutique hotel with astonishingly good service. Our Vancouver hotel is inexpensive. A really good deal, and clean, but the television and Internet only work sporadically and we're afraid the electricity will go out next. We're sharing the place with a couple bus loads of elderlyAustralians, who this morning were tucking into the horrible breakfast with vigor. I was just glad we were inCanada, so they couldn't claim it was American food.
We are passing quite close to a rugged pine-covered and beautiful island. The rest of my family is out on deck taking photographs. I'm inside. Not puking. Yet.