Monday, December 30, 2013

Randomly,Halfway Through Christmas Break

Here is what I have to tell you about today:

1)      I have 4 articles due tomorrow for an international website on writing for teenagers.  I have finished 1 of them.
2)      I may have started 2 more, or maybe not, depending on how well I like them when I read them, which, for everyone’s sanity, had better be pretty soon.
3)      Tonight my beloved aunt and uncle are coming to stay.  I’m going to cook them dinner, which will absolutely require a trip to the grocery.
4)      Even if I took them out to dinner, I would absolutely be required to go to the grocery today.  I can’t tell you exactly what this morning’s milk tasted like, but it wasn’t milk.  I should very much like to feed my aunt and uncle breakfast in the morning.
5)      When my husband asked what I was going to make for dinner, I said, “I’m going to go to Food City and stare at the meat until something jumps out at me,” which strikes me as funnier and funnier every time I think about it.
6)      Tomorrow is my son’s birthday.  I’m going to make him birthday Snickerdoodles, since he doesn’t like cake.
7)      Sometime today I need to wrap my son’s birthday gifts.
8)      There’s also the little matter of that tree in the family room.  I’d like to take it down before my son’s birthday.  I’d also like to leave it up for my aunt and uncle’s visit.  These two things are only compatible if I take the tree down at midnight.
9)      That’s not happening.

10)   The only thing keeping me at all on track for today is that I spent the weekend, pretty much, asleep.  And it was glorious.