Friday, December 20, 2013

Other People's Words

Yesterday, a friend put something up on the internet that I disagreed with.  I left her a comment saying that I disagreed, and why.  She put up a comment further explaining her position.  I put up a comment further explaining mine.  Then she wrote, "Kim, I don't want to argue.  I respect you.  Why don't we agree to disagree?"

Sometimes I think that when Jesus comes back, he's gonna smack me upside the head.  Because my first reaction to her quite generous post was, "No! I'm right!"  Fortunately this was followed quite quickly by my second reaction, which was Duh.  Of course we can.  I don't expect or need all my friends to agree with me all the time, except of course when I do.

Today's the first official day of Christmas break, sort of.  My daughter's high school has one of these weird half-days where only the principal and none of the teachers actually expect the students to come.  If they did, there would be nothing for them to do, as finals finished yesterday, the semester is over, and everyone starts brand-new classes when school resumes.  I'm here to tell you that I'm happy to have my daughter doing nothing sound asleep in her room rather than getting her up at 6 am to go do nothing for a morning at school.  Also, I've always thought perfect attendance awards were overrated.  And my son's vacation starts at 3:46 pm, when his last final concludes and he hops a taxi for the airport, to come home. 

Meanwhile I've been reading some blogs, and I'll tell you, today everyone else's words are better than mine.  I'm okay with that.  So rather than attempt something profound, which won't be (I can tell, it's that kind of a day) I'm going to refer you to others.

For the last best final word on the whole Duck Dynasty mess, read my friend Kristi's blog here
Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

And for the best word on anything anywhere, go to Momastery.  You won't regret that one, either.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll do my last blog for Love Blooms Bright on Tuesday, and might possibly sneak in a blog post on Monday.  By then I'll try to have something to say.


  1. Some people can’t agree to disagree. The fascist homosexual activists cannot tolerate any viewpoint that conflicts with their ideology. If a man simply states that, based on scripture, he believes homosexual acts are a sin, the fascists want his head, or at least kicked off A&E. They are the true haters and bigots. You liberals have adopted a sinless form of “Christianity” which is not Christianity at all. It is best expressed by John Steinbeck in Grapes of Wrath. “There ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue. There's just stuff people do.” Oh, wait, there is one big “sin” in their vocabulary that needs to be punished – disagreeing with liberal ideology. As you told me before, because I think homosexual acts are a sin, that makes me the hater and the bigot, one who “hates in the name of Jesus.”

  2. Wow, Bizzy. That's a lot of strong language and an awful lot of assumptions. I've never been called a liberal by folks who know me well.

    Did you read the Phil Robertson interview? He said a lot more than that he thought homosexual acts were a sin. In fact, he said a lot of very racist stuff that probably would have lead A & E to act even without a word about homosexuality.

    The Christianity I follow is this: Jesus said, "There are two great commandments. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your mind, and with all your soul. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself."

    I know how often I fail. But that's what I aspire to. When I am truly following Christ, I don't walk around telling people what I think of their sins, whatever those may be. I am too busy trying to get rid of my own.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Have not been able to view a transcript of the interview, so can't comment on the "racism" aspect of it. If he actually did say "very racist stuff," am sure that would be out there by now since in the hierarchy of liberal grievances, racism trumps homophobia.

      Merry Chris..., er, Happy Holidays to you also.


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