Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Suggestions

My books.

No, I'm serious.  What kind of writer would I be if I didn't occasionally use my blog for free publicity?

Here's all you need to know:

Jefferson's Sons.  Ages 10 and up.  Available in hardcover, paperback, audio, and electronic editions.  This is the story of the last 20 years of Thomas Jefferson's life as seen through the eyes of his children with Sally Hemmings.  It really is suitable for middle schoolers, but it's also quite frequently read by adults.  It's probably the only one of my books you'll still find in a bookstore instead of having to buy online.

For Freedom.  Ages 10 and up.  Available in audio and electronic editions, and possibly paperback.  Like Jefferson's Sons, this is a true story written in a fictional manner.  Suzanne Hall is 16 years old when she agrees to become a spy for the Resistance in occupied France.  She's captured by the Nazis....this one's also frequently read by adults.

Leap of Faith.  Ages 9-14.  Available in hardcover only.  After Abby gets kicked out of public middle school for stabbing a boy in the cafeteria, she decides to become Catholic just to make her parents mad.  That's pretty much it.  Except that I am resolutely on Abby's side.

The Perfect Pony.  Ages 4-8  Available in hardcover only.  A child's quest for the perfect pony--spirited, snow-white, beautiful--ends in an unexpected way.

Pop! A Book About Bubbles.  Ages 2-6.  Available in hardcover and paperback, and also, if you can find it, in Korean and Japanese.   Bubbles!  Yay, bubbles!

The Lacemaker and the Princess.   Ages 9-14.  Available in hardcover and paperback.   When 10-year old Isabelle, a lacemaker in the town of Versailles, runs into her Majesty the Queen, it sparks an unlikely friendship between her and the queen's daughter.  It's 1791; the Queen is Marie Antoinette, and the revolution is about to begin. 

Halfway to the Sky  Ages 8-14.  Available electronically and possibly still in paperback.  Mourning the death of her brother, Dani runs away to hike the Appalachian Trail.

For the science minded, there's also Energy Makes Things Happen  and Forces Make Things Move, both ages 4-10.

 I think that's all I have in print right now.  Watch out for next year, and the release of The War That Saved My Life!