Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Early on the First of June

This is the first Wednesday I've gotten up when my husband's alarm went off for a long time--perhaps years. He goes in early every Wednesday because he operates every Wednesday; the children didn't need to get up so early and I got up with them. Today I really wanted some time to write before I went to Faith in Action--my usual Wednesday job--also, I'm wondering what the post-apocolyptic empty-nest version of my schedule should be. Sleeping in every day while my husband heads to his office is perhaps greedy of me. Also I write best in the mornings.

Anyhow, it was quarter to six when I took the dog out and walked down the hill to pick up our newspaper. The sun was rising, the air smelled of honeysuckle, and something like a million birds were singing all at once. I can't remember hearing birdsong that loud. (Faint among the chorus: my neighbor's rooster.)

It was a fine way a to start the day.

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