Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Raise a Glass to Rewrites!

I'm as nuts for the musical Hamilton as the next person, maybe more. I've seen it twice and can not wait to see it again. Also I listen to the cast recording while I'm driving around town. Also I follow Lin Miranda on Twitter. (Everyone should. His tweets are prolific and entertaining.)

So this morning, in an attempt to vaguely decrease the mess on my desk, I picked up a piece of paper with a note scribbled on it that I no longer seemed to need. Before I threw it away I flipped it over--my whole family uses my rough drafts as random note paper, and I like to see what I've written before.

I read this scene and started to laugh. It immediately put me in line of a lyric from Hamilton:

-cuz if the Tomcat can get married--
(If Alexander can get married)
there's hope for our ass after all!

What I'd found was yet another page from one of the many drafts that eventually became The War That Saved My Life. It was part of the scene in the village hall, when among all the other London evacuees Ada and Jamie were the only ones not chosen.

It's awful. Dreadful. There are random miscellaneous characters--a Miss Nutley?--that I don't remember even briefly creating, let alone why. And every time I see how bad my writing was at some point in that book, I see how much better I eventually made it. That's awesome to know given that I am still working on the sequel.

--cuz if TWTSML can be lovely
there's hope for TWIFW after all!

Cheers. Back to work

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