Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Little Free Library at Bristol Faith in Action!


I'm delighted to announce that this afternoon I am finally setting up one of my Christmas gifts, a Little Free Library, on the front porch of Bristol Faith in Action.

Many of you know that Bristol Faith in Action, a community social justice center in my hometown, is a place dear to my heart. I'm currently on the board, and I work there every Wednesday. At BFIA we help Bristol residents through times of temporary financial crisis by paying part of their rent or utility bills. We often have medical equipment and sometimes furniture to give away. We keep a very small food pantry. We also distribute necessary commodities like diapers, tampons, shampoo, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. (none of which can be bought with food stamps)

And now books, one of the most necessary things in life. Hooray!

Little Free Libraries work like this: a steward (that's me) sets them up and maintains them, and initially stocks them with books. Then people take books or leave books at will.

That's it.

You don't have to worry about people stealing books, because no one can steal a free book.

My hope is that this Little Free Library will become a true community asset: that it will be well used by BFIA clients, BFIA staff and volunteers, and absolutely anyone driving or walking past that wants a book to read. Please, all of my friends and anyone reading this, join me in this. Come and leave a book. Come and take a book. Enjoy all the books. That's the only rule.

(Should an amazing thing happen, and you want to put books in the library but it's too full, please leave them at the BFIA desk. I'll put them in later.)

(There's a guestbook if you wish to leave a note. But that's optional.)