Friday, March 27, 2015


It's that kind of a day. Cold again, wet, and, thankfully, Friday. So this is just some stuff; I don't have it in me to be cohesive today.

1) I was walking down in the street in Santa Barbara last week and a college kid whistled at me. I turned around and he said, "OH, gosh! Sorry, Ma'am!" in a completely horrified voice.

2) I thought that was hilarious, actually.

3) Also in Santa Barbara, I bought a bunch of new eye shadow. I've recently developed a contact dermatitis to petroleum jelly, of all things, and when anything containing petroleum jelly hits the skin near my eyes, the skin turns bright red and swells. It is, as my husband said, not a small reaction. It turns out that all the eye shadow I previously owned contained petroleum jelly--who knew? but they use it to bind the pigments--and so now, after the debacle that was Christmas Eve, I can't wear any of it, and while I don't wear makeup often I like to be able to if I want to dress up. So when I saw a Sephora, I went in and explained my plight, and got some makeup that doesn't contain petroleum jelly. Then my whole family forbade me to experiment with it while we were on vacation, on the grounds that they didn't want me to ruin our time together. So I just now put some on for the first time, since it's cold and rainy and I don't plan to do much outside today. So far, so good.

4) Fingers crossed.

5) I did go to power yoga this morning, in case you think I'm slacking off. Power yoga is hard. That's a good thing.

6) For about three years now, I've been planning in my head a sweater I want to knit. I have the yarn, Malabrigo worsted, and I knew I wanted a garter or reverse stockingnette body, but with some textural interest, and a v-neck, and I had an idea about how the whole thing should fit. I'm capable of designing a pattern but it's a lot of work, and a lot of trial-and-error, which means pulling work out and knitting it over, and I never could buckle down to it. But now I need an appropriate knitting project for my daughter's tennis season (last year it was Bert and Ernie's wedding present) and the sweater seemed just right except for the lack of pattern. So, in a fit of pique, or desperation, I typed "Malabrigo sweater" into the search engine at Ravelry, and up popped, the first hit, the exact sweater I had in mind, only somebody else--I'm checking, it's a woman named Beth Q. Beck--had already worked out the pattern. So I bought it via Paypal and I'm all set. Sometimes I love the world.

7) Ravelry is a big knitting/yarn community website.

8) Yes, knitting is that big of a thing. You didn't know it, did you? Once there was a two-day convention in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to just knitting socks, and when they opened registration the site crashed, because 30,000 people all at once tried to sign up for a sock-knitting convention in Oregon. True story.

9) That's enough. Eight real things. Go enjoy the weekend, even if it's cold where you are, too.