Monday, March 9, 2015

Mary's Birthday Bash

Yesterday was my friend Mary's 48th birthday. We were friends in middle school, and I might not have ever known her as an adult except for the wonder that is Facebook. She's someone I feel I have a lot in common with now, as I did back when we were both thirteen.

Yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about Mary's birthday party--I think it was her 14th, though it may have been her 13th. She had a slumber party, not at her own house, but at her older sister's apartment, which we all thought was very cool. Her mother and her older sister were both there the whole time, not being wholly nuts. I can't remember what we ate, though I'd guess pizza and birthday cake. We played some games, which was not always part of our usual slumber-party routine, but which was fun--the one I remember best is everyone getting a blank piece of paper and being told to draw a map of the United States, freehand, with all the states labelled. I won, though I think I mixed up New Mexico and Arizona, and as a prize I got to pick between a bunch of small tupperware items. (Mary's mom sold tupperware.) I chose what I call a pie scraper--it's just a stiff piece of plastic with a bevel edge, that you use to scrape all the flour and gunk off your countertops after you roll out pie or cookie dough. I still have it. I could find it in ten seconds; it's in my spoon drawer.

Later we rolled out sleeping bags over the whole of the living room. We place light-as-a-feather-stiff-as-a-board. I've never figured out how that works. Kim Osborne told the best spooky stories and always had to be at the head. I tried never to be the person who was lifted up.

I fell asleep first, because I always do, pretty much, and therefore got my hand put in a bowl of warm water to see if it would make me wet my sleeping bag. It didn't. It never did. In the morning, when we were roused extremely early so that we could go as a group to 9:30 Mass, I found my bra in the freezer. Someone had soaked it in water and it was flat and rigid, like a sword. I borrowed a hair dryer to thaw it but didn't really have much time, so ended up at Mass in a wet though defrosted bra, which made us all giggle through the entire service.

I hope Mary had a great birthday yesterday, as awesome as the one she had 34 years ago, except, of course, without the frozen underwear.