Friday, December 12, 2014

Things I Hate About Christmas

Things I Hate About Christmas:

1. The song "Santa Baby," particularly as sung by Madonna. Fingernails on chalkboard. The other day the all-Christmas radio station played this every time I started my car. I began to think it was Groundhog Day.

2. Ads that suggest the perfect Christmas gift would be a brand-new fifty-thousand dollar car. Does this actually happen to anyone? If my husband spent that kind of money on a car WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH ME I'd kill him. (And if he did discuss it with me, we wouldn't be buying the car either.)

3. That our church doesn't spend all of Advent singing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," even though it's far and away the best Advent song ever.

That's it, really. You?


  1. Eartha Kitts' "Santa Baby" is much better, and is a favorite of ours because it drives our teenage son crazy! I love "O, Come, O, Come Emmanuel" and hope Madonna never records it. I totally agree with you about the car thing. So far I am still driving my van, but the time's a'comin'.

  2. Oh, no. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is required. Our church sings 2 verses each week in Advent. It almost makes up for the fact that we don't do any of the Christmas hymns until Christmas Eve and they're over at Epiphany.

    The thing I'm hating most this year: My co-worker leaves his radio on all day on the non-stop Christmas channel. It's like working in a mall, and it's ruining my fondness of most Christmas music.


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