Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Filming on Tuesday

I'm sitting down at my desk the way I usually do. You know, silk blouse, earrings, full makeup. Oh, wait. The film crew has arrived.

Seriously. They are all here. Noble, the producer, and two cameramen whose names I have already forgotten. They are now unloading gear and tell me they will need about half an hour.

This is way out of my experience level but it's pretty fun. We're shooting a small piece of me talking about my new book (The War That Saved My Life). I'm not really sure what it's going to be used for--marketing, dur, but what sort of marketing? Will I be on You Tube? It's probably better that I not worry about it.

One of the cameraman just pointed to the closed door on one side of my office and asked if there were anything behind it. I told him a toilet, and also all the Target bags and miscellaneous Christmas stuff that had been scattered across the floor of my office a half hour before their arrival. I figured no one would want to film the bathroom.

Now he's moved my office lamp out of view, deeming it "a little wacky." I thought wacky would be part of my authorly charm. Apparently not.

Meanwhile Noble the producer is a graduate of Notre Dame, friend of John Grothaus, who is the older brother of my son's friend Matt. My son and his friend Matt are both at Notre Dame now. Noble asked if my son was feeling stressed; I said, "oh, yeah."

Now they're filming me typing. Apparently it's a very writerly thing to do. In makeup, and earrings, and a good silk blouse. I type like this all the time.

This is such a boring and self-referential blog post. I'm sorry. I'd really like to be starting my Egypt book today but the film crew is a relatively large distraction. If you hadn't noticed.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about what the We Need Diverse Books campaign is going to do with all its money. Because you can't just talk about needing diverse books, you've got to create momentum. I'm happy to say they have excellent ideas.