Monday, December 15, 2014

Stuff I love About Christmastime

1. My husband's joyful heart. He loves decorating for Christmas--really, truly, loves it. Which lets me off the hook in the most enormous way (note: I AM the person that wraps boxes and mails all the gifts, and if anyone does Christmas cards--not happening this year--it's me) while still letting me enjoy a whole month in a house that's lit up and sparkling.

2. Nearly all Christmas music, including every traditional carol, and, oddly enough, the Dolly Parton/Rod Stewart version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Seriously. When I saw "Dolly Parton/Rod Stewart" on the radio display I thought we'd be in for a horrible surprise, but it's actually marvelous--saucy and cute, just like the song should be.

3. Finding the exact right gift. It's not something I stress over--perfection is so rarely attainable anyhow--but once in awhile I stumble across something that is so exactly right for one of my particular friends that I just can't believe it. This year it was the jumbo bonus pack of 90 yards of camouflage duct tape in 9 separate colors PLUS 45 yards of camo glitter tape in six separate colors--the absolutely stunningly perfect gift for my daughter's friend Syd, who loves duct tape, bright colors, camo and glitter above just about all other things.

4. Salvation Army bell-ringers. I don't know why, I just really like them. I'm a fan of the Salvation Army--in our small town they feed and shelter people every night of the year--and I think they probably don't get the credit they deserve for the good work they do.

5. Cookiepalooza. One of my friends makes eighty-zillion kinds of Christmas cookies every year, then packs a few of each kind in tins and ships them to lucky recipients like me. It's gotten so that when I carry the tin into the kitchen and shout, "Cookiepalooza!" members of my family start to call dibs on their favorite kinds. Which is fine as long as they save the apricot filled ones for me.