Thursday, June 12, 2014


Dear Blog Readers, if any of you are left after my long absence from this page,

Sorry. It's been wild. Since I last posted, I've flown back from Vancouver, which wasn't so difficult, got up for a meeting early the next morning, which was, and then proceeded to have a helluva week. In the beginning were the Holston Pony Club camp work days, in which the members of our little pony club turned out in force to fix up the fields and camp barn on my farm.

It was awesome to see teenage girls careening around the fields in my dually, armed with paint brushes and power tools. It is awesome to watch a determined 8-year-old dig the dirt out of holes for a jump, and then a few days later jump it on her pony, who, she explained, was named Rocky, "but I call him Rock Star."

It was also hot, gritty, and exhausting.

Then my daughter and I spent a day cleaning our tack and ponies and buying groceries and cooking lasagna and egg casseroles, and then the kids showed up.

I will write about camp later. It deserves its own post. But it was lovely, absolutely lovely, and also hot, gritty, and three times as exhausting as the prep for it had been.

That was finished yesterday.

In the midst of all of that, literally right in the midst, as I was standing in the jump field field wiping the sweat off my face, I got the coolest writing news I've ever had.  Then, ten minutes later, I got the coolest writing news I ever had. I mean it, it went like that. Beep--amazing! Beep--even more amazing!

The horrid thing is that I can't tell you about either one of those, yet.

Today I had a massage. Then I wrote. And now I'm going to the barn--to get hot, gritty, exhausted, and happy.