Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sailing On the Good Ship Sarah

Please excuse my absence from the blog. My horse is sound, my horse is flying, and I feel like I'm actually learning to ride. After years, years, it's all falling into place. I mean, I've got a ton of work to do. But I understand stuff I've never understood before. And Sarah and I jumped a table that I would have to use a stick on to know whether it was Prelim or Intermediate. Yeah.

The only thing I can compare this week to is the time in my Advanced Inorganic Chemistry class (a class for senior chem majors) when I suddenly understood quantum mechanics. It was like a veil was lifted to a particularly lovely and intricate part of the universe. I was in awe.

This is like that, only one better, because I've got a partner. My beautiful Sarah is trying her heart out, and is so happy too. Yesterday at the end of a marathon showjumping lesson (because how could we stop? that shit was amazing) I rinsed Sarah off, then turned her out in her paddock. She threw herself onto the ground and rolled, thrashing and grunting and stretching. Rolled and rolled. Then she stood up, shook herself all over, looked me in the eye, and grinned.