Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Which I Might as Well Sing

Well, first, the disappointment: I am in Florida, as before. And my husband is not.

He was supposed to be. He should have flown in here tonight. There's a little matter of snow in the south; perhaps you've heard? We're not sure if he'll make it down here at all. Also, our refrigerator/freezer died. So, instead of flying down to a loving reunion with his wife, he spent the evening throwing out defrosted meat coated with melted ice cream.

Which is not as much fun as it sounds.

Anyway, being without him sucks. Other than that, however, I'm feeling like a rock star. I can't even tell you. I had a lesson in pouring rain today, and followed that by watching my daughter have a lesson in pouring rain, and it was six kinds of awesome. And though I feel I'm having trouble articulating it, something big changed in my riding this week. And then I think, if I can jump like I just did, I can do freaking anything. Ever.

So tonight I sang karaoke.

You need to know that, first of all, I don't have a naturally good singing voice, and the voice I have has never been improved by any sort of training. I have a warble. I can sort of match my daughter's voice (naturally quite a bit better than mine), in, say, church, which has heretofore been the only place I ever sing out loud, unless it is somebody's birthday.

But Wednesdays are karaoke nights at Blanca's, a small restaurant in a small golf course development here in Ocala. Most of the patrons are over 60 and everyone is happy to be there. And while I've never had the guts to sing in public before, I do know. So I got up and sang, "Lean On Me," which turns out to be harder when you've got the background music but no singing to follow along with. Then my lovely daughter got up and sang something from Les Mis, which I had no idea she could do, and then we sang a duet: Macy Grey's "Beauty in the World."

There is beauty in the world, so much beauty in the world. Pick your diamond, pick your pearl, there is beauty in the world.