Thursday, July 25, 2013

Notes from the first day of PonyClub Championships

I write this sitting not in the kitchen sink (bonus points if you get the reference) but in the Coliseum of the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington,VA.  I'm waiting for the start of the Opening Ceremonies of the United States Pony Club East Coast Championships, in which my daughter will be marching.  I'm ambivalent about the Opening Ceremonies but I'm enjoying the free wifi, even if it is labelled Vote For Obama.  (I suspect that's due to the VHC's directors, the indomitable Brian and Penny Ross.  Ann Romney aside, you'd be surprised how many equestrians are democrats.

Today has passed in a blur of happy chaos, beneath blue skies, the shadow of House Mountain, and some of the best summer weather the state of Virginia can produce.  The riding doesn't start until tomorrow, so nobody minds a bit of confusion, and the organizers have direct senses of humor I'm enjoying.  "Parents.  Twelve o'clock is not a difficult concept.  Get your trailers away from the barns."  "Attention, show jumpers.  We gave up vacation time to put this event on for you.  Do not piss us off."

The two previous times my daughter competed in Championships, she competed in the horseless knowledge discipline, quiz.  Now that she's riding I won't see much of her.  We pulled up outside the barn at 11:15 am.  Her teammates hurried to help us unload, and that was it.  I wasn't allowed in the barn.  I went to a briefing, ate a salad, and made the acquaintance of a lovely woman I'm going to tell you all about tomorrow.  Because the PA has just started playing the Olympic theme song.  The athletes are entering the arena.  We're off.