Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Further (Very Happy) Update on Marian Randall

1.  She's out of ICU.  In fact, she's been transferred to a hospital that's both closer to her daughter's house and more setup for rehab.
2.  She's off the ventilator.  Breathing on her own, in the end without the very risky surgery to slide plates beneath her broken ribs.
3.  Her spinal fracture is healing with a brace and without surgery.  She can move all her fingers and toes.
4.  She's beginning to speak, and what she says makes sense in context.  (Sarah, I know you want her to talk more.  Don't worry.  She's still on lots of pain meds, and if you could see what those do to Bart you'd not be as concerned about your mom.)
5.  No infections so far, no complications so far, and the surgeries so far (repairs to femur, humerus, knee, and foot) have gone well.
6.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, everyone who held her in your hearts.  The day Marian's husband emailed me a photo of her car, post crash, was the day I broke down.  I can not believe anyone survived that.  But she has.