Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Naked to Mass

I  read in an Irish newspaper that as a result of The Weather, people were wearing substantially less clothing in ever more formal places: if The Weather keeps up, the writer predicted, we'd all be going naked to Mass.

The Weather is amazingly unIrish.  It's gorgeous over here.  I laid out on the beach.

Several things about Ireland have hit my notice this time around.

1) not only do they swear more in person, they swear more in print.  Yesterday's newspaper contained the f-word.  On the front page.  In a headline.

2). The posted speed limits are along the lines of double dog dares.  In the history of Ireland, No one has ever been caught speeding, because cars can't go that fast and stay on the roads.

3) No one gets up early.  We shock hotels much more by asking for breakfast at 7:30 than if we wanted in mid afternoon.

4) As a corollary, no one eats dinner early either.  We show up at 7 pm and are the first ones at any restaurant.

5) All the horses are good here.  Most are splendid.

6). Yesterday my daughter and I saw a crazy person and a 15-foot high mechanical cockroach attracting spectators in the town square.  When we enquired, we were told it was performance art.
 Like, dur.

7) No one uses top sheets here-it's all bottom sheets and duvets.  I used to think I'd like to try that, but it turns out I miss top sheets when I don't have them.

8) We saw our first chain restaurant on day 6 of the trip.  It was a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We drove past it as fast as the car could go.

9). We still didn't come close to the speed limit.