Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October is The Shortest Month

For most of the years of our marriage, at minimum the last 15, my husband has given me each Christmas a Dilbert-A-Day calendar: 365 Dilbert cartoons. Today Dilbert tells me that it is October 6th, and though I'm pretty sure this seems implausible I can't find evidence for my side.

This is what the rest of October contains:

--the pony club horse show, of which I am in charge for something like the 12th year in a row. We have most of our ducks in a row for it, but I'm sure on Friday night I'll figure out something big I missed, like eggs for the egg & spoon class. Or entry sheets. Or ribbons. Or something. (Relax, Holston--I have the ribbons.)

--all the rest of my daughter's college visits: to William & Mary, Kenyon, and Brown. (You will notice that none of these schools are anywhere near the others.) She's already narrowed an initial list of 24 schools down to between 5 and 8, so I think we're good here.

--a visit to Notre Dame to see my son and watch a football game. We are driving there and back (catching Kenyon on the way) so I've got to have a load of knitting sorted for the trip. "Sort knitting" is on my list.

--a week of my son being home for fall break. I'm not sure he'll be here for the whole week, but I'll want to enjoy all the moments with him that I can.

--a week of book tour, which seems to require talks and visual presentations I haven't yet created.

--my sister's move to from Wisconsin to Charlotte (I'm hoping to help), a farrier visit (takes all day), a surprising number of other required appointments, and of course my usual Wednesday at Faith in Action

This is what October also contains, that some part of the above is forcing me to miss:

--the opening meet of the Tennessee Valley Hunt. Tragic! Any day that starts with a sip of port while you sit atop a gleaming and gorgeous horse, includes a couple of headlong gallops, and ends with a rousing chorus of "Drink, Puppy, Drink" is one to savor, and I'd be there if I possibly could.

--a costumed Halloween party. I'm kind of bummed about this one because I really wanted to dress my husband and myself up. I had awesome plans, and I'm really good at making costumes. Maybe next year.

This is what October no longer contains (thank goodness!):

--a book deadline. It did, but a few weeks ago reason bopped me upside the head, and I plead for a two-week extension.

This is what October doesn't contain, that I wish it did:

--an extra week.

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  1. I wish October had an extra month too...it always goes by so quickly.
    And now I understand why you were so thankful that I could pick up the eggs for egg and spoon!!


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