Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's Mountain Day!

Mountain Day: the best tradition at my alma mater, Smith College.

On a random beautiful fall day, the college bells ring at 7 am. Classes are cancelled: students are urged to get outside and enjoy--perhaps by hiking in the nearby Berkshire mountains.

One Mountain Day I went trail riding at King Oak Farm, with my friend Carole Davidson. I remember ogling their cross-country jumps, wanting so badly to try them.  One Mountain Day I went to Hancock Shaker Village with Anna-Liese and Darcy. We'd meant to go to Plimouth Plantation, but got onto the Mass Pike going the wrong direction, and there wasn't another exit for 56 miles. When we could finally turn around we saw the sign for HSV and went there instead. Darcy's family owned an apple orchard and she brought a big bag of apples for the trip so the taste of apples is part of my memories of that day.

My friend Alecia's daughter Julianna goes to Smith now, and so does my friend Kelsey. Today is Mountain Day. I hope they have a marvelous time.