Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Blog Returns!


That triumphant sound you're hearing is the noise of me meeting what turned out to be a wholly improbable deadline.


For the past month, beloved friends, I have divided my time into 1) being with my family, particularly on vacation; 2) writing my tush off; 3) moaning about writing; 4) doing the bare minimum to keep all our animals alive.

Blogging didn't make the list. Nor laundry, nor, honestly, much else. I've missed blogging. I've missed hanging out with my friends. Missed reading novels all in one go. Missed going to yoga every single day.

In the week to come I'm going to clean the playroom and my book pile and do a host of other things, including being attentive to this blog.

For now I'm just going to rejoice in 274 pages of novel that are a big improvement over the 180 pages they replace. (and yes, my books always do get bigger like that.).