Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Things They Do For Love

My family has been suffering on my behalf.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are experiencing technical difficulties here at the Bradley homestead. I do now have my dryer vents cleaned, and the dryer is working, much to my joy. We had a small incident Sunday where I plugged in a lamp and flames shot out of the electrical socket and set the family room rug on fire, but I'm working on that. The biggest problem right now is our air conditioning, or rather, lack thereof.

Supposedly both upstairs heat pumps are broken. (I say "supposedly" because I'm losing faith in the repairman. We'll see.) For sure neither one is working at this time. The main floor is a reasonable temperature, and the basement cold enough to preserve meat even though we've turned that heat pump off. (No one knows why this is true.) The upstairs, however, is suffocatingly hot. Unbearable hot. Lay-on-top-of-the-sheets-and-feel-your-ears-fill-with-sweat hot.

Night before last, I gave up after several hours, took my pillow, and went down to the couch, only to find that my daughter had beat me to it. My son was sleeping on the couch in the basement. I tried sleeping on the loveseat, but it turned out that flat and hot was more restful that cool and twisted, so I went back to bed. Last night my husband called dibs on the couch. He's too tall to be comfortable on our couch so it wasn't all he hoped for, in terms of sleep. Pretty soon we'll all be too exhausted to care.

Here's the thing: the nights right now are lovely and cool. It's getting up to the 80s during the day, but down in the low 60s at night, with a gentle late-spring breeze. Opening the windows would solve all of our heat-related issues, and yet we're keeping them shut.

I'm allergic to everything, especially the yellow-green pollen that's filling the air just now. My family has been sleeping on couches in order to keep the house as allergen-free as possible. Just for me.

I'm really grateful to them. But another night or two of this and I might start flinging the windows open myself.