Friday, May 15, 2015

Come to the Knoxville Children's Festival of Reading!

All the cool kids are going to be there! The author/illustrator of the newest Caldecott winner, Beekle (that's the book's title, not the author's name). The author/illustrator of the very cool picture book Green. The authors and illustrators of A Sick Day for Amos McGee. The author of Clementine.

And also, me.

I sometimes get frustrated with people who believe that, because Bristol is a small town in the Appalachian mountains, no actual intelligent, creative, or interesting people live here. I mean, I must be a self-published author writing about her cats, in rhyme--why would a "real" author live in the upper east nowhere? I tell them that Barbara Kingsolver lives down the street, and they don't believe me. (She does--admittedly it's a rather long street.) Anyway I was perhaps just a touch guilty of that attitude myself recently, because while I'd heard very good things about the Knoxville Children's Festival of Reading, I didn't understand was a big thing it was until I saw the lineup of my fellow participants. I mean, I'm cool and all, but not nearly as cool as Laura Vaccaro Seeger. I can already tell I'll be coming home with some autographed books for myself, and, if they're lucky, for my nephews.

Meanwhile, if you're near Knoxville, come! It looks amazing. There's a main stage, an author/illustrator stage, a musical stage, cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, all sorts of fabulous stuff--and it's all free! At the World's Fair Park, 10 to 3, rain or shine.

If you can't come, drop me a note, and I'll say hi to the Beekle guy for you.

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