Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Twitter Rocks My World

I'm really starting to love Twitter, and my husband is really starting to hate that I do. This is because every time someone tweets me, or replies to one of my tweets, or forwards one of my tweets, or favorites one of my tweets (note to my children: notice the correct application of the word "tweet." I've quit calling it a "twit.") I get an email notification. And because my husband and I share an email address, he also gets an email notification. Onto his phone.

Yes, I know I could stop that happening by changing my settings. Thing is, I like getting emails about my tweets. It's all interconnected and fun.

So far, the tweets that have generated the most emails are the large discussions I have with other writers on the following topics: 1) books worth reading; 2) authors worth reading; 3) fonts; and 4) historically accurate vs. inaccurate clothing. Books and authors are pretty self-explanatory but you'd be surprised by how many of my acquaintances get really exercised about fonts. One writer explained that she submits manuscripts in standard 12-point Times New Roman, but she writes in 14-point Arial. LIKE THIS. Another writer jumped in to say that Arial sucks because it relies on context. In Arial, you can't tell the difference between "I" and "l," which is to say, "I" and "l." (Times New Roman) or "I" and "l" (Courier).

I've already gone on record as saying I'm the last living writer who loves Courier font. People in my twitterverse got very aggressive in their hatred of Courier earlier this week. Then one person admitted that it was the best font for "sight-reading entire sentences." Ah, I said. That's why I'm such a fast reader. I like to sight-read entire sentences.

I mean, maybe. How the heck would I really know? I do love me some Courier, however. When I admitted that I send manuscripts to my editor in Courier, and she immediately converts them to Times New Roman and sends them back, and I immediately reconvert them to Courier, writer Jo Bourne, whose work I passionately adore, sent a tweet that was clearly meant to be sung to the theme song from Lion King. "It's the Cirrrccccle of fonts...the cir-ir-ircle of fonts."

This, folks, is why we have technology. This and LOL cats, for sure.