Friday, January 30, 2015

This is Not a Good Day to Be Sick

but I am.

Wednesday evening I was trying to pay attention to the Notre Dame/Duke basketball game but I was very sleepy. The moment it ended (yay, ND!) I went to bed. Yesterday started out just fine--work, yoga, lunch with my husband--but then, as soon as lunch was over (I am not blaming lunch) began to disintegrate. I was ridiculously sleepy. I very nearly fell asleep while having my hair cut, and then I went home and went straight to the couch, which is not like me. As I was pulling the blanket from the back of the couch over my ears, I thought, when my daughter gets home she'll think I was sick, the way I'm acting.

Yep, she did. Because when she got home from after-school tennis practice, I apparently woke up, spoke to her, and then fell back asleep in the middle of a sentence. I slept for three hours, and woke up even more tired. Did the barn chores--by this point my daughter was off at another practice--and ate the dinner my husband had delivered. Then I read a little bit. Finally I said, "What time is it? I think I'm ready for bed."

My husband said, "8:46."

We agreed I would sleep in the guest room so that I wouldn't spread whatever germs were putting me to sleep this way. I went up to the guest room with my book, but--again, not like me--didn't even open it. I fell asleep, and slept until--ready for it--1:18. Pm, not am. The next afternoon.

Now it's an hour later. I've had instant mac-n-cheese for whatever you call the meal you eat midafternoon in your jammies from the night before. I'm now staring at my desk in a somnolent state of horror. I need to pay bills. I need to email the pony club. And I need to finish my speech, the speech I'm giving on Sunday. I'm getting on an airplane in less than 20 hours. I need to be over this.

Then I need a nap. I'm really tired.