Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Blog is Back! (Long Live the Blog)

Hello. I think this is the longest gap ever between posts since I started the blog. I've been on holiday.

We didn't go anywhere this year, other than a nice weekend at our place in Linville. No big trips. My son's 18th birthday had been celebrated on a boat on the Nile, but his twentieth, last week, came right here in Bristol, and a lovely day it was.

The whole of Christmas has been lovely. There was a time when all the mess and decorations would have started to irritate me, but not anymore. Our main tree was up from the first Sunday of Advent until Epiphany; the nativities are still up, because those wise men just got there and I want them to have a chance to visit the baby. The outside lights are still up, because it's been too wet to take them down, but we're only using half of them now.

I've been reveling in the time with my family. I get it now. I know this phase of my children's lives won't last forever, so I'm enjoying every meal we have, every cookie-decorating, every game of cards.

Work-wise I've felt no shame taking this vacation, because all the publishing houses take one too. They simply shut their doors the weeks of Christmas and New Year's. Their emails started up again yesterday, letting me know that 1) my video about TWTSML is nearly done (I saw a rough cut); 2) they got my answers to an online interview that's going out to librarians (? not really clear on that part); 3) not to forget my Skype interview tonight. The Skype interview is going to become a podcast. I'm not sure who listens to podcasts, but whatever, I'm in.

This book--tomorrow is it's release date--is generating more interest than any of my other 15. It's been fun. It also makes me check Goodreads every single day, in case there's a new review posted, but I figure, now that it's back to work time, I'll start another novel to distract myself.

Meanwhile I have a word for 2015. I've read about this for the last couple of years--people choosing a single word to be their focus for a year. I always thought it was a cool concept, but never felt called to participate, until this year, when a word popped into my head a few weeks ago and seems to have stuck around.

Heal. That's my word for 2015. I don't know why yet, but when I find out I'll let you know.