Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Lost September

The first time I sit down to my desk every morning, the first thing I do is tear off the top sheet of my Dilbert-A-Day calendar. (My husband has given me Dilbert-A-Day calendars for at least the last 12 years. I will be very sorry if they ever stop making them.) Anyway, today, when I changed my calendar, I was horrified to discover two things:

It is Wednesday.

It is October.

While I was in Chicago, the two to-do lists I left on my desk procreated. I now have an URGENT list, full of marks like this: !!!!! That is stuff I have to do before, um, two pm tomorrow, when I am leaving town for ten days.

I'm going to see my beautiful son at Notre Dame. Then I'm going to spend the week with my sister and her family, including the very newest member, darling Fred, and then I'm going back to South Bend for another weekend with my boy, and it'll all be fabulous except it's starting tomorrow. Also, what happened to September? Usually that month has 30 days, but this year it had 10. I know it can't be October yet.

It's supposed to be cold in South Bend this weekend. At Notre Dame you typically get one football weekend that's blistering hot, one that's cold, relentless rain, and at least one that's snowing. I thought that a game the first weekend of October had a chance to be the Glorious Game, the weekend that is perfect fall, crisp blue sky, lovely flaming leaves. Maybe that'll be my second weekend there. For the first we're heading for relentless rain.

Okay, sorry, short post. I'm headed off to do battle with the lists.