Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Knew April Was Going to Be a Doozy

This morning, after my daughter left for school, my husband was checking a few things on the computer, so I lay down on the couch with my iPad to play Candy Crush check out important current events. It was pretty snug and comfortable, with a dog snuggled up against me, and I was quite tired from being up too late both the previous nights (once because I was flying in late, and once because my husband was.) I've been experimenting with meditation, but it keeps making me fall asleep; sure enough, soon after my husband left for work, I fell into a sound and dream-filled slumber.

I woke to discover that my phone had broken. Because right on the screen it said, 12:24 pm. As in, you've been asleep for nearly five hours.

I'm all for the restorative nap, but that was ridiculous. Still, after some internal debate, I decided not to feel guilty. April has been a humdinger of a month.

1. Varsity tennis. Every weeknight with the occasional weekend or full day thrown in, and the great big tourny in Murfreesboro which is nearly Nashville, which is five hours away, and which involved more hours of tennis than I thought could be crammed into a single day.

2. Easter. Not a time-consuming holiday but we did fly down to Florida to visit my in-laws. We had a lovely time.

3. Rolex. This is our next great adventure. If you're not a horseperson, "Rolex" is properly the Kentucky Rolex Three-Day Event, the biggest eventing competition in North America, the cream of the crop, baby. Riding at Rolex once is a lifetime achievement. Spectating is a bucket-list item. And, because I am constitutionally unable to keep my mouth shut, the members of Holston Pony Club are having an adventure at Rolex this year. I think I'll save that story for tomorrow's post.

Meanwhile, tomorrow looks like this: Take dogs to kennel, run errands, work a full shift at Faith in Action, do barn chores, watch my daughter's big tennis match against arch-rival Science Hill, then--I'm guessing it'll be around 8 pm--head to Lexington, Kentucky, five hours away. Then on Thursday, wake up at the latest at 6 am.

Looks like the nap might have been a good idea.