Thursday, April 24, 2014


1. It's Thursday night, which is $4 wine night at the Hilton Gardens Hotel in Georgetown, Kentucky. Quite a bargain.
2. On Wednesday night, my daughter played quite good tennis and her school beat their archrival, 5-4, thus putting them in the running for the state high school tournament.
3. We managed to leave for Lexington at 8 pm, which was the latest I'd hoped we'd leave and the earliest I thought possible.
4. While a 3-hour drive can easily take 5 hours, there's actually no legal or practical way to make a 5 hour drive take 3 hours, no matter how hard you want to.
5. Therefore, we picked up our Rolex credentials at 12:50 am Thursday, reached our own hotel at 1:04, showered, and turned off the light at 1:22.
6. The alarm went off at 6:30, and since I've pretty much got the horse show timing thing down, we had exactly enough time to dress, eat breakfast, and get to the Rolex dressage arena by the time we were supposed to be there.
7. It was cold.
8. There were a lot of famous event riders and we got to be really close to them. As official dressage volunteers we were allowed on the inner bleachers otherwise reserved for horse owners, grooms, and credentialed officials. My favorite moment of the day was when a small pony clubber made U.S. Olympic coach (and gold medalist) David O'Connor show his credentials before letting him into the bleachers.
9. My job was to sit and watch dressage. Really. I sat out on a folding chair in the arena, next to 3 small girls whose job it was to place and remove the rail at A to let the riders in and out, and whenever a rider came to the end of the test I said, "Okay, now," to the three small girls, and they went to move the rail.
10. I think I was really there to keep the three small girls from throwing dirt on each other, or kicking each other, or falling asleep instead of moving the rail.
11. I did a good job.
12. Once I pooper-scooped a load out of the main arena. This will be my claim to fame.
13. I'm writing this as a list because I'm too tired to write in paragraphs.
14. There are Famous Riders staying in our hotel.
15. I told them about the $4 glasses of wine