Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Want Another Snow Day

So here's my Christian activist self, checking the local website to be *sure* our Executive Director didn't close Bristol Faith in Action. Because if it's open, I have to go, and what I'd really rather do is have a repeat of yesterday.

Yesterday it snowed. The first few hours it snowed tiny little ice pellets, and when I nearly wiped out walking across the bottom of the driveway while taking out the dogs, I decided not to risk going out. Our driveway, for what it's worth, is not like most driveways. It's about a quarter mile long, and runs downhill from the house with a long swooping curve. The steepest part is also the curviest part, which may be a design flaw; I'm not the only driver who has come perilously close to taking out a section of our pasture fence when my wheels slid through the turn. So. Yesterday I rescheduled two appointments and stayed home with my daughter. It snowed the entire day. In the morning I wrote and she slept in. In the afternoon we enjoyed tea and cookies and Downton Abbey, while I also worked my way through my mending and darning pile.

It was just about as enjoyable as a day could be.

Now I've got the same daughter with a second snow day. The sun's shining, my husband made tracks up and down the driveway, and I'm pretty sure I can get down it fine. I work at Faith in Action on Wednesdays. I've written about that enough that you know I really love being there. Also, I'm out of mending. But what I really want to do today is make some more cookies and another pot of tea, and enjoy one more snow day with my exquisite nearly-grown-up child.