Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am From (a Synchroblog)

I am from a place so flat you can feel the earth curve away beneath your feet.
I am from a house full of books
and libraries that smelled like books and
dust and churches smelling of candle-wax.
I am from my Polish grandfather, who worked all his life in mills and taverns
and had the best eye for a horse I have ever known.
I am from strong women with strong hands who taught me courage
in baby steps,
and I am from that courage.  I'm from the dark place where I broke down,
and my husband's hands, holding me up
and my children's laughter.
I'm from the books I've read and written and will write someday
and from the young grey mare who comes when I call
and the long gallops in the swaying grass
the earth curving away beneath her hooves.

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