Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick Update on Marian Randall

Dear friends,

Thank you.  Yesterday was the highest single-day number of views of my blog, ever.  I appreciate your concern over Marian Randall, and figured I owed you an update.

For the severity of her injuries, she's doing very well.  We've learned that she actually suffered a heart attack while driving on the interstate; her car crossed the grass median and hit a semi truck straight on.  Fortunately, the semi driver, though unable to avoid the collision, got his rig stopped, thus greatly lessening the force of the crash.  He was minorly injured.

Marian's bone fractures are even more extensive than initially thought, and it's clear she will need multiple surgeries as soon as she can stand them.  For now, her blood pressure and heart rate have stabilized, her kidneys are still functioning (massive protein leaks from injured muscle tissue can derail the kidneys), and, best of all, while she was briefly under less sedation than usual she was able to wiggle her toes on command.  (I sat next to a neurologist at a dinner last night; she assured me that that was really a good sign.)

It's funny, I can only think of her as "Marian" now, when I've never once called her that in all the years--decades--I've known her.  I suppose praying for her so continually creates that kind of intimacy.  Her name runs through my head all hours of the day.  Marian.  Marian.  Marian.  Meanwhile Sarah is home from Haiti and at her mother's side.  All is as well as it can be.


  1. Thank you so very much for the prayers. She needs to be strong for the surgeries that await, the first of which may be tomorrow morning if all goes well. Still critical, but it's so amazing that she's doing as well as she is. The EMTs and helicopter people who stopped by to check on her were amazed, too.

  2. Have you heard anything more on Marian?


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