Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dear Friends, Please Read This

I've been amazed that anyone reads this blog at all, but apparently quite a few of you do.  Today I have an unusual request.  The mother of one of my best friends was injured in a head-on collision with a semi on I-69 near Fort Wayne last night.  She's in Parkview North hospital with a skull fracture, a C-7 spinal fracture, a fractured femur, and multiple fractures to her left arm and chest.  She's in critical condition but survived the night, and they hope to have her stable enough to take her into surgery today.

I'm asking that you pray for her.  If you don't pray, send kind secular thoughts, or good karma, or whatever you've got.  I'm not picky.  She's 76 years old and this is the sort of situation that could go either way.  I've seen prayer work wonders before.  It's also about the only thing I can do to help right now.

If you grew up in Fort Wayne with me, you might know her.  Marian Randall.  She taught at Canterbury School for years.  Her husband Cory is an Episcopalian priest; he pastored a church in Fort Wayne.  Sarah and Liz graduated from Bishop Dwenger.  (The youngest daughter, Bekah, went to high school in California while the Randalls briefly lived there.)  Sarah's flying back from Haiti tonight and the rest of the family is already in Fort Wayne.

Please pass this along however you can.

Marian Randall.
Marian Randall.
Marian Randall.

Hang in there.