Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Next?

I've been having that kind of a week.

On Monday, I had to drive my truck, because my son's car was getting its smashed bumper replaced.  I usually keep the truck for farm use only--it's a quad-cab dually, and I've gotten it stuck in drive-throughs before. 

Since I was going to be driving the truck, and I had some extra time, I decided to be virtuous and get new tires for my horse trailer.  This has been on my to-do list forever. 

I drove the rig across town to the tire place, where they happily informed me that my trailer tires were practically brand-new.  I'd bought new ones last spring. 

I'd forgotten.

Nothing says Welcome to Monday like driving your rig around town for an hour for no reason at all.

Yesterday I told my son to take the trash down to the curb.  This is a big job since our driveway is about a quarter mile long.  My son did it without complaint, then said, "You know tomorrow's not trash day, right?"

Ah, no.  I knew Thursday was trash day.  I just didn't know which day yesterday was.

This morning, in a burst of super-efficiency, I took the dog to the groomer's half an hour before it opened.

I think I made hotel reservations for my son's graduation for the wrong weekend.

I also seen to have forgotten to order graduation announcements at all.

I may go back to bed.  Until Friday. 

Meanwhile, over at Faith in Action, we're making big plans.  Real, strategic, big plans.  We're about to move into our brand-spanking-new building (fully paid for and furnished by an amazingly generous, doggedly anonymous donor).  We'll be able to see more clients.  We plan to hire a part-time social worker, to try to move more people into more sustainable situations.  We've got a classroom to use however we wish.

We can do more now: the question is, what?  The Board is going to sit down and really think about how best to serve the people of Bristol.

So--help me out here (I'm clearly not having my best week).  What do YOU think we should offer?  How to you think we can do the most good?