Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weird Sites I've Found Doing Research for this Blog

1.  One that chronicles "inappropriate" uses of "quotation" marks.
2.  One completely trashing nearly all modern Catholic liturgical music, especially the hymnal my church currently uses, which is dissected, dissed, and very nearly damned.
3.  One called "Why My Son is Crying," which includes 3000 photos of the same toddler bursting into tears for reasons such as, "He asked me to put butter on his rice and I did," and "car seat--again."
4.  Pinterest.  No idea how to use it, no idea what it's for.  Seriously.  Anyone?
5.  One (Ok, this was Business Insider, and my brother sent it to me) about how Margaret Thatcher was part of the research team that invented soft-serve ice cream.  Now, I hate the term "food chemist," but note that the growing list of people who were research chemists before they went on to do other things includes E.L. Konigsburg, Pope Francis, Margaret Thatcher, and me.
6. "Help Jenn Become a Nun!"  Ok, this one was also sent to me, by a college friend, though I'm pretty sure she sent it because of my blog.   This is a gofundme request--gofundme being a site where anybody can request any amount of money for any reason.  I wondered why it would take cash to become a nun--turns out it's because she has to pay off her student loans before she can enter the community.  I thought I probably could donate a few bucks--then I thought, heck, let's make it a matching grant.  If you're so moved, leave a comment or send me an email with the amount you gave Jenn, and I'll match the total next week.