Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Louie is Four!

Today is my beautiful nephew Louie's fourth birthday. This morning my Facebook page popped up a memory from two years ago, which was not only Louie's 2nd birthday, but the day I met his brother Fred for the first time. It's a great memory but an awkward-ass photo--proof that, unreasonable as it seems, my selfie game has actually improved with time--and it might frighten Louie if I re-posted it now, so I won't. But I wish him all the best, all my love. I just attempted a FaceTime (let no one say that Uncle Kim isn't up to all the modern technologies) but Fred didn't answer, probably because his Momma's already at work. I was running errand and driving to the airport in the best window of time between waking up my sister too early to say Happy Birthday to Louie, and catching my sister before she left. I'll try later today.

I'm on my way to Baltimore to speak at a school, and then do a public reading at the Ivy Bookstore, tomorrow at 4 pm. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by. I'd love to meet you. Friday I'm continuing on to where the hurricane is, obstensibly to watch a football game that they're threatening to reschedule, due to the weather, although that's probably better than playing in a hurricane. Whichever it is I'll be spending the weekend with family and friends, and that's lovely.  I'll be with my children, who I miss very much.

Happy Birthday, dearest Louie. You make our family brighter every day; you've been a blessing for four whole years.