Saturday, September 10, 2016

City Possum, Country Possum

I'm in the Bristol airport right now, typing this on my phone, which is not an efficient way to write. I'm headed for Los Angeles, where tomorrow I will accept the Judy Lopez award for TWTSML.

This will be an adventure. I love traveling and can be at home in many disparate places, but I suspect L.A. Will be right out of my league. I'm staying with a friend, Holly Goldberg Sloan, author of the amazing novel Counting By Sevens and also of my son's favorite childhood movie, Angels in the Outfield.

I truly love Holly, but here is the difference between her life and
mine: to publicize her book Appleblossum Possum, she did a photo shoot of Dustin Hoffman--yep, you read that right--reading the book to a trained Hollywood possum, who sat on Dustin's lap, clean and fluffy, wearing a sunbonnet and an expression of interest. Whereas the last time I saw a possum that wasn't roadkill was in a torrential rainstorm last spring. The critter must have gotten flushed out of his burrow by the rain and he was high tailing it across my lawn.

Flight's boarding. I'll let you know how it goes.