Monday, April 25, 2016

Ten Things From This Weekend

 Ten Things from this weekend:

1) I, my husband, and my daughter had a terrific time in Charlotte visiting my sister, her husband, and her two sons.

2) I had been afraid that her sons, Louie and Fred, ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, would not remember me, since it's been a long time since they saw me and they are small.

3) Louie rushed into my arms, yelling, "Uncle Kim! Uncle Kim!" Fred doesn't attempt my name yet (Kim is hard for babies; Fred calls my husband "Bar-Bar" and my daughter "T!") but grinned and launched himself at me the moment he saw me. I think Fred reacts this way to everyone, but I'll pretend he just really missed me.

4) Charlotte has awesome shopping, which was excellent because my daughter has to have a white dress and matching shoes for a graduation ceremony.

5) I think that high schools which require girls to go purchase a specific type of dress for a graduation ceremony ought to rethink that. The graduates are not brides. My son's summer internship business described the corporate dress code to him as, "If you could wear it at a fancy golf course, you're fine." Tell the girls, "If you could wear it to a Baptist church, you're fine," and I think we'd be good.

6) That said, we did find her a very pretty dress.

7) It's now less than a week until my son comes home from his semester in London.

8) It's also less than a month until my daughter graduates from high school.

9) Time is simultaneously moving too quickly and too slow.

10) As I told my sister this weekend, you'll have that. Don't blink.

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