Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Today is Super Tuesday. Fourteen states, including Tennessee and Virginia, hold their primary elections today.

If you live in one of those states, go vote.

This year's candidate pool is a heaving dank morass of lies, hyperbole, and cynicism. I've heard jokes that Canada is building a wall on our border to keep us from immigrating there. I've heard that Canada is paying for this wall. I read a piece today about Superdelegates, which I didn't know about, and it made me feel even more cynical and sad. I've long said, in truth, that the last Presidential candidate I wholeheartedly endorsed was Theodore Roosevelt. If he weren't a hundred years dead, today I'd write in his name.

However. While we wait for principled, decent, intelligent women and men to seek to run our country, we're stuck with this lot of rascals. So pick one. Do your part. People died and are still dying in parts of the world for the right to free elections. I've never forgotten the final room of the Apartheid museum in Johannesburg, South Africa. After an entire building documenting decades-long race-based subjugation and terror, the final room of the museum is simply filled with video screens. Every screen shows lines and lines of people, thousands of people, running through the townships and slums and cities. Black, white, colored, Indian (those were the Apartheid designations), all lined up to vote. A triumph and a miracle: voting instead of civil war.

Go vote.