Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seat of the Pants to the Seat of the Chair

Sorry, guys.

My original game plan was to write a long, impassioned blog post about something important, like world hunger or the Confederate flag, or maybe my horse, and then go off and attempt Hot Yoga Detox instead of my usual Thursday Yoga for Everybody, and then, in the limited time between a hot shower and leaving for lunch with my husband, and an afternoon working at Faith in Action, work on my book.

But I dreamed about Ada again last night. When the alarm went off I was deep inside her head, feeling her feelings and thinking her thoughts. I hit snooze three times so I could stay there, in that dream world with her. And now I have to put the seat of my pants onto the seat of my chair. Sorry. No big blog posts, no yoga. Writing is work and needs to be treated as such, but sometimes the muse really does grant you gifts, and you would be such a fool to turn them down. For any reason, even Hot Yoga Detox.

P.S. Ada's the only character I've ever consistently dreamed about. What this means is anyone's guess.