Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to Work Like Crazy

I've had a lovely summer. We took a family trip to the Pacific Northwest. I got to go to event camp, and to watch my daughter compete at Pony Club Nationals. My daughter and I volunteered at a horse trial over Memorial Day weekend, and we'll compete at one over Labor Day weekend, which seems like nice bookends to the season. Over the Fourth of July we welcomed my parents, siblings, and their families to a wonderful few days on the farm, complete with fireworks, pony rides, and tractor rides. The ancient incontinent dog is still alive, and the 31-year-old pony, after months of slowing becoming skinnier, is now actually gaining weight on new feed. The farm is green and beautiful.

My daughter is back in school already. My son leaves Saturday for his second year of college, and I just got off the phone from a long conference call involving my Super Secret Project. Nose, meet grindstone. I've got a ferocious deadline on this one, though all parties agree that good writing is more important than deadlines (but they really want me to meet the deadlines); it's time, as my son joked, that I "work like a person with a real job."

I'll still keep blogging because it's a handy warm-up exercise for the day, and because I seem to have plenty of opinions to share. But I just got the green light to quit researching (as much) and start writing (a lot), and I'm thrilled. I wish I could tell you all about it. Someday I will be able to, just not yet. Hooray for fall, and for work worth doing.