Monday, November 18, 2013

Nerdfighters, Unite!

I was on my way back from church with my daughter yesterday when I mentioned someone who was making the best of a difficult situation.

"Ah," said my daughter, nodding sagely, "decreasing World Suck.  Like a Nerdfighter."

"Decreasing what?" I said.

"World Suck.  You know, stuff in the world that just sucks."

"And Nerdfighter--that's not someone who's fighting the nerds?"

Impatient sigh.  "No, Mom.  That's a nerd that doing the fighting--fighting against World Suck."

"Ha!" I said happily.  "I'm a Nerdfighter!"

My daughter argued that I could not possibly be a Nerdfighter, because 'Nerdfighter', along with the phrase 'World Suck,' and the radically more obscure phrase 'French the llama!' were all invented or at least made popular by YA writer John Green, my daughter's new hero.  In addition to writing best-selling, beautifully-written novels, John, along with his brother Hank, publish a vlog series (that's video blog for you Luddites) which gets something like 8 million views a week.  My daughter believes that since I haven't actually read any of John Green's work (in my defense: has he read any of mine?) (also: I've owned The Fault In Our Stars for at least two years, in hardback, and plan to read it as soon as I want to be tragically sad) I can't be a fan of John Green (wrong) and therefore can't be a Nerdfighter (double wrong).

As soon as we got home, my daughter called up a vlog episode, "Nerdfighting FAQs," or something like that, and I watched it, and in it John Green himself said, "If you want to be a Nerdfighter, you are a Nerdfighter."  So ha. 

I'm a Nerdfighter.  Fighting against World Suck!

P.S.  I told my daughter that John Green seemed to be more popular among her peers than, say, me.  She flipped her hair at me.  "Well," she said, "why don't you start by making the New York Times Bestseller list.  Then see what happens."