Monday, August 12, 2013

Because I Don't Let Myself Down

Enthusiasm is at a low ebb here today.  My muse, I think she's on vacation.  Somewhere exotic, like Australia.  Somewhere far, far away.

I have on my desk here two books.  One is a slightly entertaining romance novel I've already read.  The other is my novel in progress.  The slightly entertaining romance novel looks way better to me.

Here's the thing:  do you know what's stopping me from curling up on the couch with the good afghan and the SERN, to while away this grey Monday morning?  What's stopping me from taking a nap?

Not money.  Frankly, I don't make enough for that.
Not fame.  Got over that speed bump long ago.
Not love for my work.  Sorry.  Not feeling it today.
Not the particular brillance of my work.  Jury's still out on that one, and, this morning, the work in progress is looking especially bad.

What's stopping me?

I am.

This is what I do.  So I've got to do it, that's all.  Even at the expense of a slightly entertaining romance novel, and a warm and comforting couch.