Friday, May 10, 2013

So it turns out it's not just me...

Still been a crazy week.  Today I didn't accomplish much other than visiting Bristol's Emergency Food Pantry.  I'd never been there before, even though the director is a friend of mine.  Some recent policy changes from the Department of Social Services mean that a lot more people are coming to Faith in Action for their food pantry vouchers, and I wanted to see how the whole system worked so I'd know if we needed to think about tweaking the voucher system we. 

Anyway, that's one thing I did.  Here's another: sleep in.  Not on purpose, either.

You should know that my husband is one of the most punctual people ever born.  Being late to anything causes him such anxiety that he is nearly always early.  Since I'm also normally very punctual, this suits me fine.

You should also know that my husband took two days off work, yesterday and today, to play in a local golf tournament.  He played golf all day yesterday and had a nice time.

You should further know that my husband is always in charge of setting the alarm clock.  The start of his work day varies depending on what he's doing, so he always makes sure we get up on time.  He sets the alarm.  When it goes off, he gets into the shower, and I go wake up the children.  They're in high school and could certainly be relied upon to wake themselves up, but I've always enjoyed giving them a hug and a kiss first thing, and so I've always woken them up.  Since we've had a child in high school the latest we ever wake on a school day is 6 am, so the high schoolers can be out the door by seven.  (We sit down and eat breakfast as a family.  It's another of those quaint things we do.)

This system has served my husband and I well for our entire married life.  Nearly 24 years.  Until this morning.

My daughter burst through our closed bedroom door, jolting me out of a very nice sleep.  "GUYS!" she said, "It's 6:37!!"

"Wake your brother," I told her.  She ran back into the hall and pounded on his door.  Meanwhile my husband fumbled with the alarm clock.  "Didn't you set it?" I asked him.

He laughed and laid back against the pillows.  "I set it for 7:00," he said.  "I lost track.  I thought today was Saturday."

"It's a miracle Katie woke up," I said.  He agreed, and we gave up on today's family breakfast, rolled over, and both fell back asleep.