Monday, February 18, 2013


1.  The first thing my husband said when we got back from the airport last night, perilously close to midnight, was, "I really did water the plants when you were gone."  He said it while applying emergency resuscitation to all three of our houseplants, two impatiens my daughter got from the kindergarten class at her school when she graduated from eighth grade, and a peace lily I took home from a funeral years ago.

2.  I didn't think you could kill peace lilies, but it appears I may be wrong.

3.  I was gone for a whopping 2 weeks, to sunny Ocala, Florida, with my horse.  My daughter joined me for the last 5 days; my son and husband for the last three.  My husband and son spent two of those days at an event watching me and my daughter ride. 

4.  This more than makes up for their killing the houseplants.  It also makes up for the Christmas tree that's still on the front porch and for any and all sundry messes I may or may not have found in the house (especially in the bathrooms, laundry room, and my office) this morning.

5.  I discovered a camel from one of our nativity sets on the floor near the back door.  Can anyone explain that?

6.  My editor had promised me her notes on my new novel by the start of February, which meant I was supposed to have had a working vacation down in Ocala and written for several hours a day.

7.  She didn't, and neither did I.

8.  I just sorted through 2 weeks' worth of mail.  None of it was actually interesting. 

9.  Once I finish this blog, I should sit down to my manuscript for awhile, and then pay the bills from the mail pile.

10.  Instead, I think I'll chuck the peace lily and go back to bed.